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Surplus Water in South Africa by 2025

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Water scarcity is not going away, in fact it is increasingly getting worse.

With a growing global population, the demand for potable water increases daily. In 1975, water scarcity was limited to a small number of countries in North Africa, Europe and the Middle-East. By 2000 water scarcity had spread to many large and densely populated countries in Asia.

In South Africa, we moved from a water stressed country to a water scarce country, and are currently the 30th driest country in the world. Predictions are, that by 2025, South Africa will form part of the ‘extreme scarcity’ category...

How can it be possible to turn this around to have Surplus Water by 2025?

.... as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4...



    Know your history! What is your current/historic daily demand (Data)


    Install an AMR (Automatic Meter Reader) device (Refine). This creates continuous feedback


    Use the information to identify oppotunities to improve effeciency through awareness, devices and measures (Options)


    Implement the options



    All these steps can be asssisted with from involved companies to have you running lean in no time, and

    claiming your effortd towards a contribution to get to






The DROP principle follows a basic flow, where it is crucial to first collect the Data with monitoring and observation. This information is then analyzed and Refined, revealing various Options on what to do and where to focus for the biggest impact. Finally we Proceed with action to reduce and manage demand. The impact of these actions provide immediate feedback by means of new data acquired, further refining the options for next steps required. This creates a continuous , positive feedback loop, ensuring a sustainable, "drop-by-DROP" lowering in water demand.


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