Water Matters

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conversation series
  • Author: Splash
  • Level: All
  • Study time: 60 mins
Course overview
After working through the conversations, you will have a better understanding of why Water is so important and why it is in our best interest to handle every drop with the utmost care.
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Pledge your commitment
Upon successfully completing the conversations, and pledging your commitment to Water, you will be awarded a digital certificate.
Knowledge is Power

What can I expect?

  • You will participate and engage in activities to help advocate for water, and do your part.
  • You will have guidelines on what you can do to take action in your day to day activities.
  • If we all put in the effort and give our best attention to Water matters, together we can make the difference needed.
Let's dive in!

water matters 101

Conversation Topics

Your guide


Meet Splash! She will be your guide throughout this process. Make a splash!
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