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A community of water warriors, working together to raise water awareness, saving every drop and together, aiming for surplus water in South Africa. Join us!
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Why water matters

"Water scarcity is not going away, in fact it is increasingly getting worse."

In South Africa, we moved from a water stressed country to a water scarce country, and are currently among the 50 driest countries in the world. Predictions are, that by 2025, South Africa will form part of the ‘extreme scarcity’ category... Is it possible to turn this around and how can we achieve Surplus Water by 2025?
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Be the Change

Step 1: Learn

Learning why water matters and listening to the stories Water has lived through, is the best way to understand the situation Water is facing. We invite you to be curious, take the first step and sign up for Water Matters 101. Let's Learn! 

Step 2: Act

We believe the most effective (and only, really) way to make an impact is by WORKING TOGETHER. It starts with changing our behaviour and turning daily water-wise choices into water smart habits. Let's do this!

Step 3: Share

Water needs each of us to be a Water Ambassador, Steward and Champion. Spread the word, raise awareness, rally the troops and live the example. Do you have any tips, hacks or stories you want to share?
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A growing movement

The #SurplusWater2025 movement has a growing community of dedicated companies and individuals joining the cause. Together, we can do this.
Join the growing list of partners, make a difference and showcase your WATER ACTION RESULTS.

Contributing Partners

Partners making a difference by reducing their water footprint.

Product & Service Partners

With a variety of skills and expertise, these partners provide sustainable water solutions.

Awareness & Action Partners

Partners making a difference by spreading awareness and taking action.

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#WaterWisdom - in the words of our community

What does water mean to you?

Water to me means the world and without water, I am nothing.
Changing my own water using habits had to be the very first step in making a change in the world.
If you think every drop counts, you need to know where every drop goes.
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why water matters

Everyone deserves the chance to be the solution

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