South Africa: Already in the Deep End of the Water Crisis

Jul 10 / SurplusWater2025
South Africa isn't facing a future water crisis – it's already here. We've been warned for years, and the grim predictions became reality in August 2023 when the country joined the "extreme water stress" category.
Water dominates the headlines. Cities scramble to perform long-overdue maintenance, while millions grapple with days without a single drop. These shutdowns, though crucial for long-term sustainability, leave people high and dry for weeks on end.
Perhaps this harsh reality is a wake-up call. For years, we've tried to educate people about the real value of water. But sadly, true appreciation often dawns only when faced with scarcity.

Living the Day Zero Nightmare

Remember Cape Town's "Day Zero" scare in 2018? The alternative to water restrictions was queuing for a measly 25 liters per person, a reality now playing out in many parts of our country. Carrying the actual weight of your own 25 litres of allotted water for your daily needs, along with the lost hours spent waiting in a queue, paints a far bleaker picture than pro-actively respecting the water that conveniently comes from your tap.

Isn't prevention easier than cure?

Imagine using only the water we need, eliminating waste and reusing where we can. This simple act could prevent the nightmare of jerrycan lines and water rationing. The sad truth is, we tend to easily forget lessons we have learned the hard way. While we fight this battle (together!), let's also use our current reality as a learning opportunity to truly understand and remember the profound value of water. And do better.

Stay Informed, Take Action

Our team at SurplusWater2025 is dedicated to tracking South Africa's water situation and help where we can. We've created a WhatsApp channel, Water Watch SA, that curates daily water news from reliable sources. Subscribe, mute notifications, and check in to stay informed! The channel aims to provide top Water headline news from across South Africa - easy to access under 'Updates' on WhatsApp.

Ready to play your part?

  • Do the Water Matters 101 training to learn more about water conservation solutions.
  • Join Water Watch SA on WhatsApp for daily water news updates.
  • Start conserving today! Every drop counts in preventing a future where queuing for water becomes the norm.

Let's work together to ensure a sustainable water future for South Africa. Every Day.

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