Busted! Debunking 4 Myths About Water Conservation

Jun 3 / SurplusWater2025
We've all heard the message to conserve water, but sometimes myths and misconceptions can hold us back. Let's debunk 4 common myths and show how your efforts can truly make a splash!

Myth 1: We're Surrounded by Water, Why Conserve?

Our planet might appear awash in blue from space, but only 1% of that water is fresh and readily available. The rest is locked away in oceans or glaciers, and even accessible freshwater can be polluted or difficult to reach. Conservation ensures this precious resource is available for everyone.

Myth 2: Lots of Rain Means No Need to Save

Local rainfall doesn't guarantee a reliable freshwater supply. Water scarcity can be regional, and even areas with high rainfall can experience droughts. Conserving water now helps maintain healthy water tables, reducing strain on local resources during dry periods.

Myth 3: Water Scarcity Only Affects Dry Countries

Water scarcity is a growing global concern. Climate change, population growth, and pollution all threaten freshwater resources. Uneven distribution means even areas with high rainfall can face shortages. Every bit saved helps everywhere.

Myth 4: My Small Efforts Don't Matter

Every drop counts! Millions of people conserving water can have a significant impact. Your water-saving habits can also inspire others to join the movement, creating a powerful ripple effect.

Ready to Make a Splash?

There are countless ways to conserve water in your daily life. Check out our Facebook and Instagram for actionable tips on how to save water. Search for #25waystosaveWater.

Want to take more action?

Understanding the water situation and why it is important to conserve it, is the first step to taking Water Action. Sign up for Water Matters 101 to confidently start the water conversation and make your splash. FREE with the code 'SW2025'.
Free access is made possible by the many individual and corporate partners of #SurplusWater2025 who are doing what they can to spread awareness and reduce our collective demand for a sustainable water future.
  • Step 1: Follow this link and sign up.
  • Step 2: Add the code 'SW2025' for instant FREE access. Click 'Redeem'.
  • Step 3: Work your way through the water topics and take the pledge. Welcome to Water Stewardship!
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