The REMIND of Water Responsibility

Nov 29 / Aldert Brink

Mind the Water

Blog Series: The 5 R's of Water Responsibility
It is human nature to forget and take for granted the importance of the everyday things in our lives. Especially when it is easily accessible or available in bulk. As soon as it is missing, we realise how dependent we have been on it. It can be compared to hurting one of your fingers. You become aware of how much you rely on it and how your injury impairs the functioning of your whole hand.

Water is such an everyday aspect of our lives we easily take it for granted. We may forget its value if we do not remind ourselves. When you use water today remember where it comes from and where it’s going. Be mindful of how and how much water you use. Remind others about the importance of responsible water use. It all starts with awareness. 

A Way of Living… 

Living mindful is to not take things for granted. You choose to take notice. When we live mindful of other people, we understand the importance of others in our lives. It also works the other way around. When we realise how important relationships with other people are and when we live appreciative of this, we will be mindful of their wellbeing.
Think of the things you take for granted. At first it is difficult, but after a while the list gets longer. 
We take Water and its significance in our lives for granted too easily. We urgently need to become aware of Water and its state of wellbeing. Listen and learn as much as possible about water and your awareness will grow. Talk about it. Discuss it with your friends. Make Water a topic of conversation at your school, around the water dispenser at work or the next time you have a braai. 
Before long you’ll have an intense consciousness of Water, minding Water as a way of living and forging a collective consciousness surrounding water. This will call a network of like minded Water Stewards into action to spread the awareness and actively do whatever they can to stop the wasteful use of water.

Water awareness training 

Ignorance can be intentional, but it seldom is. It is usually simply not being aware of an unpleasant fact and thus not being troubled by it. Mindfulness can be the opposite of ignorance. While ignorance usually is unintentional, mindfulness is a conscious decision to deliberately be aware of something. Choose to be aware of Water and make the decision to see its value. If you haven't yet, sign up for Water Matters 101 and get the conversation started.

Case Study

How by knowing their demand and being aware, ADvTECH continues to save water.
  • Months of Action: 36
  • Reduction in Demand: 41%
  • People Trained: 3643
  • WATER SAVED: 572 547,4 kilolitres
The ADvTech Group consists of 71 schools and tertiary educational institutions. The water demand of 61 schools and colleges have been monitored for the past three years. During this time more than 2000 learners and educators and 1643 cleaning- and maintenance staff, and grounds managers completed water awareness training. Motivating them in looking for and reporting leaks and training them on the logic behind efficiency devices. These efficiency devices, mostly tap aerators in the bathrooms and interrupted flushing mechanisms (See #SurplusWater2025 partner, Dutton Plastics' SupaFlush LightⓇ), were installed at all these institutions.
Water loggers were installed on the water meters and the water flow electronically monitored 24/7. This made it possible for grounds managers to stay aware of unnecessary water use and detect leaks. 
In only 3 years ADvTECH saved 572 547,4 kilolitres of water, and counting... 
We salute our fellow Water Stewards - The ADvTECH Group.
Check out our blog series The 5 R's of Water Responsibility as we dive a little deeper into each of these. Remind, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Recharge.
1. The REMIND of Water Responsibility.

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