Water Excellence resulting in ESG Compliance.

 Triple Bottom Line - IN ACTION 
SurplusWater2025 is your strategic ally for achieving superior ESG compliance while embracing the Triple Bottom Line framework through sustainable water management.

We believe that everyone has a role to play in protecting our water resources. 

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Our Commitment

Monitor, report and improve your water responsibility while reinforcing your commitment to sustainability. 

1. Advanced Monitoring

We provide visibility on your data with insights to optimise water use, cutting costs and elevating your environmental commitment.

2. Efficiency & Training

Fostering a culture of Water Stewardship, we equip your workforce to drive sustainability, aligning staff actions with your ESG goals.

3. Real-time Reporting

With a water action results dashboard, the impact of your operational efficiency and awareness training can be tracked, proven, and celebrated. 
A Water partnership


1. Leadership

#Surpluswater2025 elevates your ESG status with measurable sustainability achievements, impacting the Triple Bottom Line—Planet, People, and Profit.

2. Cost

Efficient water management saves resources and bolsters your financial performance, benefiting all aspects of the Triple Bottom Line.

3. Reputation 

Teaming up with #Surpluswater2025 underscores your dedication to responsible water use, positively impacting People and our Planet.

4. Compliance

We ensure your practices adhere to global standards, mitigating legal and reputational risks, contributing to a sustainable Profit and Planet.

5. Sustainability

We create enduring impacts on the environment and society, transcending mere compliance, and nurturing a harmonious Triple Bottom Line.
Water action results

A Combined Effort

Join a growing number of companies involved and committed to actively prevent a water crisis from becoming an imminent economic threat, the astounding results speaks for itself.

Litres water saved

Water Warriors

Partners JOINED

Through our combined efforts, the #SurplusWater2025 partners and community continues to save billions of litres of water and millions of rands monthly… and (we’re) counting. 

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Our Product & Service Partners

We value every effort towards a sustainable and healthy future by encouraging partnerships and celebrating results. With a variety of skills and expertise, these partners provide sustainable water solutions and are ready to assist in implementing your Water Efficiency Roadmap.
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